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  • The focus you need on YOUR day

    Jun 06 2018

      The day has come that you have been training for. The nerves, excitement or self-doubt might be kicking in about now. After months of ...

  • The countdown is on!

    May 21 2018

      We're now inside three weeks until the World Championships and KP Performance wants to make sure you have ticked all boxes t...

  • Warm up - Unlock the best you every time!

    May 10 2018

      I'm sure you have all heard “you must warm up” before training or competitions, but has anyone ever explained to you why it's so impor...

  • Gym Partners! Do you need one?

    Apr 18 2018

      You asked, we delivered! There's no better way to get the most from your scheduled training than with a partner! Are you currently tr...

  • Is your gate an asset or a liability?

    Apr 10 2018

    As we all know, BMX is a game of inches and the first 1-2-3 pedals can be where the race is won or lost. Have you ever been in the situa...