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BMX Sprint Program


SPIN TO WIN! Are you struggling to periodise your sprint training to peak for your goal race? Kurt's done all the thinking for you, simple to follow and ready for you to jump in! 

We made it even easier for you by adding a 4, 8 or 12 week option depending on what suits your timeline and goals. The sprint program brings you World Class sprint sessions, daily structure, perfect for those of any age and level who want to add the final details and have Kurt in your corner with technical feedback and support. 


BMX Sprint Program includes:

PLANNING: Our 8 and 12 week options are pre-programmed ready for you to jump in and start right away. Both programs leads you into competition/ race week. Each week is periodised to gradually progress you towards race day with an advised weekly/daily schedule.

BLUE PRINT: It's important to understand where you're at physically and mentally so we've included our Individual Performance Plan templates so you can identify areas of weakness, strengths, habits, set objectives and goals to move forward with each training session. We've also included pre and post training session questionnaires so you can maximise your time and training- weekly questionnaires also included to monitor progression.

DELIVERY: Your program will be available via app, a free download to any smart phone or tablet where you can input workout data, video, online diary, track workout progressions, pre and post training questionnaire and more!

ON BIKE : Kurt will provide detailed sprint sessions, provide warm up and recovery options and protocol, advised weekly/ daily schedule, share video demonstrations and offer online technique feedback/ reviewing for the duration of your purchase. Please note this is a sprint only program that does not include track or gate specific sessions.

SUPPORT: Open communication with Kurt to ensure you’re on track with your program and goals. Weekly/monthly feedback template ensures you’re accountable to your own training and the areas where you can improve. Access to client only Facebook community.


    Step 1: Select the 4, 8 or 12 week option and complete the online purchase.

    Step 2: KP Performance will be In contact with your selected sprint program.

    Step 3: Read through your program and check back with Kurt with any questions before commencing program.  

    Step 4: Start training and filming.


    Have any questions? Get in touch!


    PLEASE NOTE: Once your program has been sent no refund will be available.