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The countdown is on!

Posted on May 21 2018


We're now inside three weeks until the World Championships and KP Performance wants to make sure you have ticked all boxes to be at your best.
We recently spoke briefly in a blog post about being 'Baku Ready' and somethings to be aware of in your preparations. 
  • Likely weather conditions 
  • Your weekly schedule
  • Travel protocol
  • Track length and design
With under three weeks it's now important we also consider a few more factors that can effect your result or ability to perform at your best:
  • Volume/Intensity: The hard work in preparations should be done now and I'm sure you've started tapering the training volume. But ensure when tapering, your intensity stays high in your training sessions. Please don't be the one who hits cruise control two weeks out then gets a shock and doesn't perform on race day.
    - KP Performance advice: Add as much pressure you can creatively think of to your training sessions (timing, videoing, training partners, crowd etc) you can never simulate being on the gate at the Worlds but you can visualise it and you can keep the training intensity as high as you possibly can so when you do get there mentally you feel less of an effect. Don't over do it though now's the time to keep sessions short and sweet, not leaving sessions with the tank empty but feeling 'good' like you still have efforts/energy left.
  • Facilities: Have you checked what facilities you have available where you're staying or whats near by? This will effect your plan for gym primer sessions and equipment needed, are you doing outdoor primer sprint sessions or needing to pack your mini rollers? 
    - KP Performance advice: Do your homework, don't wing it! Even google the gyms near by check out photos and see what equipment they have and don't have. Mini rollers are a must. Removing jet-lagged legs in the safety of your own hotel room.
  • Mindset: Its now a good time to make sure your performance blueprint and routines are solid. Pre-gate routines and visualising are the last but essential part before your race to block out distractions, handle the pressure and maintain the focus on what YOU have to do. Its also the last chance to physically prime before your race.
    - KP Performance advice: With KP Performance programs we provide templates for you to write down your pre-gate routine which we find helps gives consistency to you performing and understanding/block out distractions even inside your own head. Add a physical 'switch on' into your routine, this could be as simple as a fast feet, plyometric jump or ideally a neural with on such as a single leg drop a stick- balance-explosive-mind on. We also suggest a writing a word that works for you on the back on your number plate such as patience, so when you read that you know to start relaxed and not rush the gate We also provide practice/training objective sheets, Controllable's- writing down the things you can and cant control is a great exercises for those who struggle with performance anxiety and self-doubt and more.
  • Nutrition: Understanding what you should be eating/drinking and the timing pre/post practice and pre/during/post competition really is a make or break factor. Your nutritional fuel is crucial to having energy and clarity on the gate to focus and especially to maintain those levels across the two days of practice and race day. It also is your first step to recovering effectively, you must listen to your body.
    - KP Performance advice: If you struggle to eat on race day there are always good options that will give you the fuel you need (watermelon is a great). KP Performance out sources all nutrition plans from a qualified and BMX experienced nutritionist so if you need help with a plan we can help you! Also don't forget your supplements and gels (magnesium, bcaa's, glucose gels, electrolytes etc)
  • Travelling from a far: This can have a big impact on your performance if you don't know how to tackle long distance travelling and time zone changes.
    - KP Performance advice: Set your body clock days before you travel if your cutting it close to flying in for practice and pack food for the plane! Aeroplane food doesn't cut it, travel with sleep aid and drink plenty of water. Take your foam roller on your carry on luggage and stretch/move often (if your not sleeping then you should be up every hour stretching and foam rolling down the back of the plane), bust a sweat as soon as you can once arriving! 
We will be watching! Best of luck and safe travels from KP Performance. 


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