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Gym Partners! Do you need one?

Posted on April 18 2018


You asked, we delivered!

There's no better way to get the most from your scheduled training than with a partner!

Are you currently training alone and want to get more from each session you do? Then one of the best decisions you can make is getting a workout partner.

Get the most out of those days you are feeling flat, with the right workout partner, it will help encourage you to give you all. Remember that average effort = average results.  

A training partner can help:

-       Pick up on technique issues

-       Safety! Have more confidence sticking to your programmed percentages with a spotter

-       Motivational and support

-       Competition in training makes you better!

-       Its more enjoyable

There are some disadvantages, so be wise when finding the right partner and remember you have to be a partner to them too! Time management is essential and sticking to your session plan.

That means you have to find someone who’s goals align and you can trust. But what if you can’t find a partner and you have no choice but to train alone? Here are some tips that can help!

-       Self-video your efforts to keep yourself accountable

-       Use Percentages and measuring equipment to monitor progression and get more from each session

-       Seek an online coach for consistent feedback and motivation

-       If possible plan more training camps away or if you have great facility’s invite someone to stay.  


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