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Welcome to KP Performance! Throughout Kurt's many years as a professional athlete and qualified personal trainer, he was inspired to give back his knowledge and expertise by helping you take your training to the next level.

Whether you're an absolute beginner with zero experience, or a professional athlete looking to reach your true potential, we can help! Our programs are flexible and personalised to suit you at ANY fitness level, you can choose whether you want to work out at home or in the gym. You'll learn how to train to increase your fitness and strength through regular workouts, and the program grows with you, so you'll always be progressing.  


Kurt travelled the world as a professional athlete for many years and competed in the 2012 London Olympics, all while studying to be a personal trainer. Kurt started BMX racing at the age of 5 and racked up 14 New Zealand National Titles and World finishes. As his passion shifted he ended his BMX career as an athlete, It was The high performance training side of fitness that captivated and inspired Kurt to start his own training business 'KP Performance' helping clients to their 'next level'.

What makes Kurt a World Class coach is his attention to detail and passion to see his clients success. A former Olympian himself now an Olympic coach he understands the demands, whats required at the highest level and the pathway to get to your true potential.

Kurt has helped multiple athletes get to the Olympics including American multiple National Champion Nic Long who finished 4th at Rio. He doesn't just specialise in BMX Coaching which is what makes KP Performance so diverse. Kurt worked with NZ motocross sensation and former World Champion Ben Townley prepare for his comeback in the MXGP. Kurt has also worked with many other sports including Canoe Slalom, downhill mountain biking, rugby, drifting and more.

Currently offering personal training at Aspire Health & Sports Bethlehem, I'm here to put all my expertise and knowledge into your training needs and help you reach your fitness goals!

Kurt Pickard - Owner of KP Performance