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BMX Technique Reviewing


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If you don't have access to World Class coaching and feedback, but want to take your fundamental technique's or advanced skill techniques to the the next level then this is for you!

With the Online Technique Reviewing you will gain access to world class and Olympic Coach Kurt Pickard. Kurt will breakdown and review your submitted video's in clear detail, giving you objectives to improving your technique via voice recording over the video - within 24 hours of sending your video to Kurt.


RIDE: Choose an aspect of your riding that you want to improve on such as your gate start.

RECORD: Get someone to film you over and over doing the gate or skill you are wanting to improve on.

REVIEW: Send in your films, and I will reply with a detailed voice over - over the the film, with how you can improve and take your riding to the next level.

REPEAT: Hit the gate with the feedback given, send me back a film of you implementing these changes and repeat this for the duration of the 4 weeks, you can send unlimited videos.                                   


Video Requirements:

  • Clips to be no more than 10 seconds (focus on the parts you want feedback on, slow-mo NOT required).
  • Filmed in landscape and sent in a decent quality (phone is ok).
  • Filmed not to close where the rider is cut out, nor too far away.
  • BONUS! Access to Dropbox folder of video demonstrations for skills.    


Step 1: Complete the online purchase.

Step 2: Send through the films for reviewing.

Step 3: Your 4 weeks will begin after the first film has been reviewed.


PLEASE NOTE: Once your once your first review has been sent no refund will be available.

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