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Motocross Full Program


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Do you have your on bike technique work covered but struggle with how to manage your conditioning, weekly schedule and strength work? KP Performance now offers the full training package to Motocross riders of all levels any wher e in the world.

4 Week Full Motocross Program includes:

PLANNING: Discuss with Kurt and set the best race season plan for you! 

BLUE PRINT:  We've included our Individual Performance Plan templates so you can identify areas of weakness, strengths, habits, set objectives and goals to move forward with each training session. Also included is our our blue print questionnaire  to Identify how your mind works so we can begin to build a pathway to a pressure proof mindset! Working with Kurt - creating a weekly mental schedule/plan for each week, develop routines around training and on bike efforts. Blue Print also includes training and race day mindset templates to maximise learning + more.

OVERVIEW: Based off your schedule Kurt will create a day-to-day periodised and individual training schedule for the duration of your purchase (4 weeks).

DELIVERY: Your program will be available via app, a free download to any smart phone or tablet where you can input workout data, video, comments, track progressions, journal and more!

STRNEGTH + CONDITIONING: Based off your previous experience, time available and access to equipment Kurt will provide a world class Strength & Conditioning program. Also includes fitness/cardio based program/sessions, testing protocol, video technique feedback, recovery options + more.

ON TRACK : Kurt WON'T provide detailed track sessions BUT wil l assist you with providing warm up and recovery protocol, advise duration and intensity of sessions based off your weekly training and periodisation towards your race season plan. 

NUTRITION: Training and competition nutrition guidelines and support with the option of an individual meal plan (all nutrition is provided by a qualified Nutritionist with experience in our sport).

SUPPORT: Open communication with Kurt to ensure you’re on track with your program and goals. Weekly/monthly feedback template ensures you’re accountable to your own training and the areas where you can improve. Access to client only Facebook community.


Step 1: Complete the online purchase.

Step 2: KP Performance will be In contact with a questionnaire.

Step 3: Return the questionnaire and Kurt can best program for your needs.

Step 4: Kurt will send an invite to download the app (free download) where you can  begin your program. Please allow 48-72 hours for program to be created.


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PLEASE NOTE: Once your program has been sent no refund will be available.