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 Check out some of my amazing clients who have chosen KP Performance to take them to the Next Level.

Personal Training and Programming



"Kurt has been amazing to work with! He’s realistic with the goal setting and really focuses on what is best for you. I love that its more of lifestyle change with Kurt rather than a quick fix. He has helped build up my confidence again and not to mention he makes you feel comfortable. I have managed to lose 10kgs and will continue on with my progress with Kurt."
Leigh-Anne Smith


"I have been working with Kurt for just under a year now. At the beginning of this year I suffered a serious injury to my leg and Kurt adapted my programme to allow for my injury management and rehab back to my bike. His gym and bike (track and sprint) programs are challenging and change monthly, never getting boring. Kurt listened when I wanted to modify an activity and stepped up to call me on my BS when I was getting too much into my own head. I am extremely honored that he would consider helping an old chook such as myself and owe him for the timely kick(s) up the butt that I needed. He is professional and encouraging without being patronizing. On a professional note, as a Sports Physiotherapist I often work with Kurt with some of his athletes and whenever I have asked him to work on a specific problem with our shared clients - his exercises are up to date, concise and specific for the injury. His knowledge on musculoskeletal related conditions is vast.
I would not hesitate to recommend Kurt's programs to all people of all sizes / shapes / ages and sports."
- Leah Belle


"I have had the opportunity to work with Kurt as both a motocross athlete and a motocross coach. Motocross is a very demanding sport and Kurt looked at how my body personally needed specific work in areas to get me in the best shape I could be. I really liked the dynamic exercises that he has developed and can really understand and see the benefit from those. Working remotely is a big benefit that Kurt has with his programming also which is really beneficial for travelling athletes or riders based out of town." 
- Ben Townley

"Kurt has been a massive step towards my rehabilitation of my arm and getting back to full fitness on the bike. 9 weeks ago I broke my arm pretty bad but since then I have been working hard with Kurt to strengthen the rest of my body and get it working with more control and better stability and strength. I have really enjoyed the exercises that he has made up it keeps it interesting and very challenging mentally and physically, he also does online programmes which will be very beneficial for me as I am heading to Europe for 4 months to race the emx 125 series and I also live remotely so I don't have access to a gym." 
- James Scott

I have been working with Kurt for over a year now building on my strength, stability and fitness to help me both on and off the bike as a motocross athlete. Knowing that I had previous injuries on my ACL, Kurt really focused on strengthening and rehabbing my injuries during our training and throughout my programmes. I can’t thank Kurt enough for his ongoing support and encouragement throughout the season, helping me both physically and mentally. Couldn’t recommend him enough!
- Roydon White


“I have trained under Kurt for approx 8 months originally as I prepared to ride the round Taupo cycle event for the second year and then as my fitness coach. At 49 I have not really been much into fitness but in the last couple of years have taken up road cycling in an attempt to improve my health and well-being. Kurt’s program meant that I improved my time on the previous year by 48 minutes and that I was a lot better prepared than previously because of his program and nutrition advice. I have kept on training with Kurt to help build my strength and I am now seeing real results as his encouragement, testing and programs have been really effective in helping me achieve my fitness goals. I would recommend Kurt to anyone looking to achieve a higher level or physical performance and an overall improvement in health and well-being.”
– Phil Easther

“I honestly could not recommend Kurt’s online training programs highly enough! At first I was hesitant about not having a physical trainer and only receiving my workout plans over email, but I’ve honestly been amazed at how well it has worked. Kurt really knows his stuff and is incredibly supportive, he’s only ever an email or message away! His plans are fun and easy to follow which has helped to keep me motivated. Kurt listens to how I’m feeling and what areas I specifically want to work on and has been able to tailor my program to achieve some amazing results! I can’t thank Kurt enough for the support and guidance he’s given me at the gym so far and can’t wait to see even more results!”
- Kristen Vanderschantz


 BMX Coaching and Programming

 "I got in touch with Kurt in August 2015. I had been doing my own training for a couple years and started to feel stuck, progress stopped and i knew i needed expert help. Kurt gave me new insights on training and after only 2 months i achieved personal best times, weights and my best career result. He took me to the next level and from there was a huge part of getting me to the Olympics." 
Niklas Laustsen, 2016 Olympian
"In my opinion, Kurt was always the strongest and most efficient rider to ever show up to the BMX track. He knew how to get those 1%ers and hat's why I reached out to him in July 2015. I knew with his help, I'd be able to elevate my racing and achieve my goals. He got me to career best form at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, where ultimately I was in the best position possible, in the front out of the first corner." 
Nic Long, 2012 & 2016 Olympian
"I started to work with KP Performance 6 months before the Olympic Games. I just had the feeling that this will step up my level and wanted to give it a try. I made a big progress with my gates through video analyses and the strength and condition program, it just worked perfectly for me! Even if some of the exercises are not working for you or have the feeling that it is too might or not enough, the programs are always flexible and adjustable after giving some feedback." 
Nadja Pries, 2016 Olympian
"Kurt has coached me to personal bests at the right times in all the different areas of my training, and I've got my best racing results since working with him. That's including coaching me through a challenging ankle injury and helping me come back strongly from it. You can't ask for better from an online coach. He's got deep knowledge and listens to any views or concerns you have and adapts things to suit if needed. I'll continue to recommend him to anyone who's looking to take their training to the next level!"
Cal Strickland



BMX Club Testimonials 

 "Kurt has been flexible, knowledgeable and enthusiastic working with RO BMX to get this project off the ground. His ideas and suggestions have been on point and his wealth of BMX knowledge has meant we can trust him explicitly to do the best for our members.  He is working with members of all ages from sprockets to 45+, male/female and of all skill levels. He has a Calm demeanour and is able to relate to all riders. We have found this venture an absolute pleasure due to the ease with which KP has executed it. The riders respond to his patient instruction well and are developing an increased skill base and knowledge of theory due to the professional explanation given by KP. We hope to sustain this project and relationship with KP performance long term."
- Rotorua BMX Club

"Over the past 12 months we have sampled individual programmes, one-one-ones and group training's. Every one of these have been extremely beneficial to those that took part. Kurt is very natural with those that he coaches and has an amazing ability to genuinely connect with the riders and be able to explain things so that they can understand it. You can see the riders really respond to, and trust what he says. I can absolutely 100 percent recommend Kurt, he is professional, knowledgeable, personable and overall pleasure to work with. No matter what level you ride at, Kurt will definitely be able to help you achieve your goals."
- Jess Hare - Team Manager, Meybo New Zealand BMX Team