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Personalised Gym Program


Sign up for 8 weeks and save $10 or 12 weeks and save $20! 


Not local or unable to make one-on-one Personal Training? KP Performance offers an individual strengthening program catered specifically to you, no matter where you are in the world.  

Whether you have no prior gym experience or you're experienced but needing the expertise and encouragement, Kurt can tailor a 4 week individualised program catered specifically to you and your needs and goals. 

PLANNING: Discuss and create short and long term goals with Kurt and put measures in place to ensure and track progression.

OVERVEIW: Advised weekly training schedule to ensure you're on track, not over training and recovering effectively. Also receive warm up and recovery protocols and options.

DELIVERY: Your program will be available via app, a free download to any smart phone or tablet where you can input workout data, video, comments, track progressions, journal and more!

NUTRITION: Guidelines and support with the option of purchasing an individual meal plan (all nutrition is provided by a qualified Nutritionist with experience).

SUPPORT: Open communication with Kurt to ensure you’re on track with your program and goals. Check in weekly to ensure you’re accountable to your own training and the areas where you can improve. 


Caters for:

  • First timer or athletes 
  • Recovering from/have injuries
  • Gym specific programs
  • Home based with no equipment
  • Sport Specific strength and conditioning
  • Weight loss
  • Life style changes/health and fitness goals
  • Any age and gender
  • BONUS! Limited online technique reviewing to ensure your performing exercises safely and correctly.

Our Guarantee

You get the individual attention you need. Our work is the measure of your success, we will help you set achievable goals by identifying any weaknesses and turn them into a strength. We are here to make you a better version of yourself! 

Step 1: Complete the online purchase.

Step 2: KP Performance will be in contact with a questionnaire.

Step 3: Return the questionnaire and Kurt can best program for your needs.

Step 4: Kurt will email you a link to download the app (free) where you will be able to get started on your program. Please allow 48-72 hours for program design.

*If you sign up for the 12 week option you will receive 3 x 4 week programs across the 12 week period (you will not receive 12 weeks at once) with reviews at the end of each 4 weeks to ensure you're always progressing. If your situation changes after the first 4 weeks or 8 weeks, no worries! each 4 week block/program is designed for your needs. 


PLEASE NOTE: Once your program has been sent no refund will be available.