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12 Week Athlete Strength Program


Looking to get competition ready, get stronger, gain muscle and learn to lift? We’re pleased to offer you our 12 Week Athlete Strength Program!

The perfect program for the improving athlete with some gym experience looking to save money without sacrificing quality programming and support.

Sound like you? Our 12 week athlete program has been designed specifically to lead you right into competition week! Using percentage based programming, each week progresses you into heavier loads and mastering fundamental exercise techniques. Ultimately creating a pathway into our more individualised/ custom program options. 


UPON PURCHASE: Before beginning your 12 week program Kurt will ensure a detailed questionnaire (including video movement screening) is undertaken to ensure this program is the best fit for you.

OVERVIEW: This 12 week program is broken down into 3 phases, each phase is 4 weeks long with 3 working/ gym days a week. Each phase also has a volume deload on the 4th week to ensure sustainable improvements and maximise recovery. 

Phase 1: Hypertrophy/ Strength. Phase 2: Strength/ Power. Phase 3: Power/ Speed.

DELIVERY: Your program will be available via app, a free download to any smart phone or tablet where you can input workout data, video, comments, track progressions, journal and more!

SUPPORT: Open communication with Kurt to ensure you’re on track with your program and techniques. Send through any video for technique reviewing and feedback.


Caters for:

  • Intermediate level lifting experience 
  • Maximising time! only 3 sessions per week
  • Male and female
  • Lifters above the age of 16
  • Safe pathway to advanced barbell/ free weight exercises
  • Limited equipment gyms – only the basics required


Step 1: Complete the online purchase.

Step 2: KP Performance will contact you with a questionnaire.

Step 3: Return the questionnaire.

Step 4: Kurt will email you a link to download the app (free) where you will be able to get started on your program. Please allow up to 24 hours.


PLEASE NOTE: Once your program has been sent no refund will be available.