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BMX Group Coaching Options


KP Performance offers world class coaching and tailor made group coaching clinic's to small groups, regions, clubs or organisations. As apart of the package Kurt will tailor a clinic best suited to the size of the group, experience levels and needs.


Options Available:

Level 1 Build The Base: Introduction to KP Performance techniques, Kurt's theories covering all skills across the track. Riders will leave with awareness and an understanding of the what, how, where and why is essential for progression, regardless of what level the riders are. This is recommended to riders at all levels if they have not spent much time with Kurt before. Group size ideally 10 riders per group.

Level 2 Advanced Technique: Dive deeper into techniques and skill execution at a higher level of detail - learn and test techniques across many situations. Add to your awareness and skill fundamental's gained from the base clinic. Kurt will help the athletes to develop physical and mental routines. Group size ideally 10 riders per group.

Gate Clinic: Learn how to start the race with perfect technique! Riders won't just get pointers on their technique they will learn and be taught what the perfect start looks like right from behind the gate to the first jump. Understanding how to stand, how to move and why is crucial for technique progression and long term consistency for the bulletproof gate under pressure. Group size ideally 10 riders per group.

Speed Clinic: Like the gate clinic, riders will learn how and why! Essential to progressing on to the bulletproof start under pressure. The Speed Clinic covers from behind the gate to the first corner and all techniques needed to get the holeshot. Kurt is known around the world for his gate technique and strong holeshot's in his career so it's key in sessions for Kurt to pass the knowledge on. Kurt also has shown he can teach riders of all all levels a progression forward including Nic Long who choose KP Performance for many year s including the 2016 Rio Olympics where Nic got a holeshot and lead the final.


Rule of Thumb: KP Performance believes that sessions should last no longer than 2.5 hours per day to maximise learning.

*Get in touch for pricing and bookings.